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Project Origin will be able to facilitate local export and import logistics for roasters all over the world, regardless of volume,” Sestic told me.

As well as being incredibly exciting, this spells out great things for micro-roasters and other small-batch artisans, who won’t have to worry about having to buy in bulk.

During the competition, which is held in multiple countries, coffees from producing giants such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Burundi, Rwanda, Colombia, and Bolivia are put through a rigorous judging process.

The final winners are given the prestigious “Cup of Excellence” label and then sold in internet auctions to the highest bidder.

Project Origin sets out to create a better connection between communities, a better understanding of the regions and their varietals, a better grasp of processing methods for consumers and buyers, and a better economic standing for producers.

In 2015, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) decided to “temporarily scale back” COE competitions, which included the El Salvador COE.

Much like barista competitions, everyone wants to bring their best game and farmers work incredibly hard throughout the entire process. Attendees of the auction will be able to mingle with producers and farmers during the week-long events, hosted by the champion himself.

World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic took inspiration from the positive impact that Cup of Excellence has had on the regions in which it operates; he has independently created two specialised Project Origin ‘Best Of’ auctions this year. Besides adding more value to the coffee supply chain and advancing coffee quality, the auctions also aim to bring coffee producers and buyers closer together (literally) and enable specialty farmers who can’t participate in Cup of Excellence to also achieve recognition for their work. “Throughout these auctions, not only will people be able to purchase lots, but more importantly roasters will be able to meet the farmers, collaborate with them, and establish long-term relationships.

One that brings producers into an even closer relationship with roasters and consumers?

Sasa Sestic thinks so – and so is launching ‘Best of’ new competition auction series focussed on achieving just that.

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Grapes are left on the vine to develop as much sugar as possible, to the point where they may even shrivel up into raisins, before they are picked and pressed.

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