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"This trip," she said with a coy smile and grabbed my now rock hard cock. I moved up to the side of the pool and she continued.It did not take long for me to explode in her mouth.For our 40th birthdays, I surprised her with a trip to Hedonism in Jamaica, not to swing, but just to find out what it would be like to be naked for a week with a group of other people.She was game, and even more so because I promised I wouldn't push the idea of swinging or even a threesome with another guy up for the week.That was until we reconnected with Evan about 10 years ago.We were living on opposite coasts and had fallen out of touch, but reconnected via Facebook.I kept my promise and the week was incredible, but that's a story for another time.The day we got home, Marie asked if we could go back again some time.

It ended 5 years ago when Evan got serious with someone else and instead of having a yearly tryst, I had to rely on just my fantasies.I told her I might be bi after about a month of dating, and she responded by hooking me up with a guy friend of hers and then driving us around while I sucked my first cock.A month later the three of us were fucking together, a Polly Triad before either word had been invented.Two years later, and just one month before the start of this story, we made our second trip. "So Nick I was thinking..." she trailed off, sipping a drink.We had been at the resort for just over 4 hours, and were already on the nude side hanging out in a pool.

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