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When these ambassadors arrived in China, they acquired official titles, bronze mirrors, and military banners, which their masters could use to bolster their claims to political supremacy, to build a military system, and to exert influence on southern Korea.(Wang 201-222) Possibly the earliest record of Wō 倭 "Japan" occurs in the Shan Hai Jing 山海經 "Classic of Mountains and Seas".

"slave country"), Japanese Nakoku 奴国, was located near present-day Hakata in Kyūshū.

Ryūsaku Tsunoda (1951:4) cautions that great distances in thousands of lǐ "are, of course, not to be taken literally." The historian Wang Zhenping summarizes Wo contacts with the Han State. 57, the first Wo ambassador arrived at the capital of the Eastern Han court (25-220); the second came in 107.

When chieftains of various Wo tribes contacted authorities at Lelang, a Chinese commandery established in northern Korea in 108 B. by the Western Han court, they sought to benefit themselves by initiating contact. Wo diplomats, however, never called on China on a regular basis.

[獻白雉倭人貢鬯草] Since by eating these white pheasants or odoriferous plants one cannot keep free from evil influences, why should vessels like bronze tripods have such a power? Forke 195) Another Lunheng chapter Huiguo 恢國 "Restoring the nation" (58) similarly records that Emperor Cheng of Han (r.

51-7 BCE) was presented tributes of Vietnamese pheasants and Japanese herbs. 82 CE Han Shu 漢書 "Book of Han"' covers the Former Han Dynasty (206 BCE-24 CE) period.

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The fourth century was another quiet period in China-Wo relations except for the Wo delegation dispatched to the Western Jin court (265-316) in 306.

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