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Optionally, it can disable the health and safety warning shown when the device is powered on.

Many users of SLOT-1 devices still install Flash Me because of these extra features.

Some Pass Me and Pass Me2 devices came with a serial port for some homebrew apps to use.

Something else we see is a device called a Pass Me.Nintendo states the internal memory capacity of their game cartridges in bits, while external cards state capacity in 8-bit bytes.Running DS homebrew using a SLOT-2 storage device needs a booting tool.It is made using libnds and often using the libfat FAT library.Since the Nintendo DS is not sold with a storage medium, a third-party storage device is needed to store homebrew.

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One of the most popular booting tools is the program Flash Me. Once it is installed over the existing firmware on the DS, homebrew applications can be booted directly from SLOT-2.

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