Updating bios xfx 680i lt

It has more voltage controls and generally just runs smoother and faster.

It is important for people to know this as it does drives you crazy not knowing why your computer keeps rebooting for no reason. After you do the stability test, I highly suggest just testing out P33.

We have reviewed quite a few n Force 680i SLI boards, but many are built on the same core Nvidia design.

Even though the boards are expensive, the n Force 680i SLI has become the de-facto product for those wanting SLI and an Intel Core 2 processor.

Even though there are boards from Abit, Asus, DFI and Foxconn that don't follow the Nvidia design, many of Nvidia's motherboard partners do and since this same BIOS applies to a vast majority of rebranded boards there should be a fair few people thinking of applying it.

There was a quite a bit of noise made about the P30 BIOS on the n Force 680i chipset, with specific optimisations made for general performance, memory and overclocking (including quad-core overclocking), we had to find out if this nine month old chipset has had a shot in the arm.

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