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The trail and views speak for themselves, absolutely amazing. You have to yield for other hikers every few minutes.

My husband and I did this trail on our honeymoon in July. Although I would recommend being prepared for rain (it poured the first 2 hours of our hike and the trail was pretty slick during this time).

As far as the "Flesh eating bacteria" goes, Group A Streptococcus primarily infects open wounds and does not cause any gastrointestinal illness.

As with the case of Lepto, any open wounds or sores should be bandaged and cleaned frequently to prevent infection.

I often run the trail and can make it to Hanakapiai in as little as 25 minutes - walking can take 1-2 hours. W My Wife and I did the hike in June...little word of advice...don\'t wear boardshorts and then swim..if you are not wearing boxers..return hike can be painful. It was really muddy the second half of the hike to the beach, but the sites out weighed the mud!

My husband and I just got back from hiking this trail.

The trail is steep and can be very muddy / slippery when it rains.Just as a point of clarification, Leptospirosis is a bacteria, not a virus.Lepto is primarily contracted from open wounds being exposed to FRESH WATER on Kauai.Another girl was skipping across everything with her purse over her shoulder for the full 4 hour hike.Lori - Hawaii does not get cold, only a bit wet at times. So my advice is to just get on the trail and enjoy the hike, if you get wet and muddy the memories will be even more memorable.

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Most are in sandals or slip ons, and several very out of shape and over 60.

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