Tom higgenson still dating delilah

It’s funny, because “Our Time Now”—[the theme song for “Greek”]—I don’t forget about that, but you just mentioned “Greek,” and I’m like, “Man, that was a long time ago.” When you’re doing things like that, like “i Carly” or “Greek,” you don’t even think about, “Maybe in 10 years people will have been fans because of that.” Now, you look around and you find all these fans now that are older [that knew us from “Greek” and “i Carly”] and it’s like, “Oh yeah.

To get to do [“Hey There Delilah”] there surprised us.The need to hold onto or reclaim the marvels of youth is a determined thread running through the band’s third Hollywood Records release, Wonders of the Younger.Even the love songs that don’t directly deal with the ostensible theme of mentally dialing back the aging process have references to nostalgia, childhood lost, or innocence regained.To have “Delilah” be such a big hit, we went through issues with people associating the band name with the song.That’s always been our biggest issue that we always continue to try to work on.

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