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Thinking of all the people who’ve swiped left on you can’t be good for your self-esteem. While some people decide to fill theirs with jokes or even flirty messages (which is often successful but let’s face it, not original in the slightest), others like to get real about their passions and their dreams to give potential daters some insight into the person they are.

Win her over with your charm and you might receive anything from a burst of laughing emojis or a slingshot-fired explosion of hearts.

We’re sure that when Tinder was first released, it was done so with the idea that the app makers would pretty much be saving the dating world – helping people find love without having to go to bar after bar to find someone they fancy. The first thing questionable about the app is that you’re immediately judging someone on their profile photo before swiping left or right.

They were ready to become cupid and they thought they’d had it mastered. This automatically puts into a person’s head that dating is only successful on immediate attraction.

Cue the countless messages from guys matching with you only to offer d*ck pics and asking for sexual photos in return.

Sadly, sometimes this even comes before a simply ‘hello’ or a cheesy chat-up line.

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That’s more than enough to convince someone that perhaps the dating world isn’t really for them.

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