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She was a doctor and that was what interested me because I was keen to find out more about a health condition I was researching - plus she was pretty.But it was a little disarming that her emails were so romantic right from the start." What Danny didn't know at the time was that Lena was probably not a woman at all but crime consortium operating out of the Czech Republic, executing what is commonly referred to as the Russian dating scam.In Russia, these things are considered to be the norm, once again alluding to a slightly different value system.However, it comes with a degree of macho chauvinism that is occasionally hard to swallow, leaving overly…expressive females such as myself at a definite disadvantage.

This is something I noticed last summer at a karaoke club, where dozens of gorgeous women were sitting in groups, competing for 10 mediocre-looking single guys.

I thought maybe she was young and doing something a little rash," he said.

It was not until she revealed that her sister's husband was encountering problems transferring the money to Russia for her airfare, Danny's suspicions were aroused.

In the case of Lena, she said she had decided to visit her sister in Australia and see Danny at the same time, and because she didn't ask for money at the outset, he took her at her word, and began to plan for her visit.

"I was happy for her to come, but I wasn't about to send her money or anything.

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