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Life in the university was interrupted when World War II came.

Many students, alumni, faculty members and ROTC officeers joined the resistance forces, while theology professors Alvin Scaff, Proculo Rodrigues, Paul Lindholm and James Mc Kinley "carried on pastoral and teaching duties for the resistance soldiers and civilians in guerrilla-dominated territory." American and Filipino forces liberated Dumaguete on April 26, 1945.Silliman was occupied by the Japanese forces and was converted into a garrison.One of its buildings, Channon Hall, became the headquarters of the dreaded Japanese kempeitai or military police where many Filipinos were tortured and killed.For the first half of the 20th century, Silliman was run and operated by Americans.After the Second World War Filipinos began to assume more administrative positions, culminating in the appointment of Silliman's first Filipino president in 1952.

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