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NET Framework 2.0을 사용하는 Windows Forms에 대한 정보는 Windows Forms 2.0을 참조하십시오.컨트롤 및 구성 요소(일반)에서는 System. 특정 컨트롤에 적용될 때 데이터 원본 및 데이터 바인딩에 대해서는 컨트롤 및 구성 요소(특정)를 참조하십시오.컨트롤 및 구성 요소(특정)에서는 System. Unfortunately, the Error Provider control doesn't provide such functionality. Show("Validation failed.") End If End Sub internal Text Box email_textbox; internal Text Box city_textbox; internal Text Box address_textbox; internal Text Box phone_textbox; internal Text Box last Name_textbox; internal Text Box first Name_textbox; private Error Provider first Name_err Pro; private Error Provider last Name_err Pro; private Error Provider phone_err Pro; private Error Provider address_err Pro; private Error Provider city_err Pro; private Error Provider email_err Pro; internal Dictionary(6); errors. Add( email_err Pro ,email_textbox ); , or passing a more limited control collection.You'd best go with the custom error provider classes from the link you posted. Add( first Name_err Pro ,first Name_textbox ); errors. Obviously you'd want to avoid iterating tons of controls, but that simple solution should be fine in lots of cases.

Component 클래스와 이 클래스의 모양, 동작(behavior) 및 디자인 타임 문제에 대해 다룹니다.

but when SAVE is clicked i have to do another check anyways incase the user did not listen to me and change the thing like he was supposed to and still clicked SAVE.. soo mm is there like a thing where I could say if Error Providers is not active then proceed with save else message box saying change it.

[ANOTHER QUESTION] Umm When Validating it only Validates when the Control loses Focus...

However, if a UI element changes somewhere in the screen and it does not have the focus, the user may not be informed and miss important information. A developer can use them to inform the screen reader or any other [UI Automation]UI Automation Overview client that an important change has been made to a UI element.

The screen reader can then decide how and when to inform the user of this change.

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I did find this thing here Counting Error Provider but incase someone knows a better way... Ok so basically I have a Win Form which has many Text Boxes Now when user enters values I use Validating to perform validation and if it does not match Regex I set the Error Provider ON for that Control..

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