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(Program not available for streaming.) Once every 48 years, bamboo forests in parts of northeast India go into exuberant flower.Then, like clockwork, the flowering is invariably followed by a plague of black rats that appear to spring from nowhere to spread destruction and famine in their wake.

They are successful opportunists, omnivores who take advantage of any ready food source and then unleash their ultimate survival weapon: more rats.

Like wicked clockwork, every 48 years, it blossoms, fruits and dies.

In an uncanny quirk of nature, that's exactly when the black rats seem to come out.

No corn to re-sow and not even enough rice to re-sow. It is a world apart, separated from the rest of India by Bangladesh.

I've never seen destruction on this scale in...anywhere that I've worked in Asia. The farmers expected to harvest 4,000 pounds of rice; they got 50. The people here are distinct, ethnically descended from the Chinese and religiously Christian, not Hindu as in most of India.

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Maybe they...under normal conditions, they might make up 10 percent of all of the rats in that community.

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