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We have lots more information on Challenging Your Speeding Ticket on this site too. I got caught speeding on 01/10/14 but attending the speed awareness course on 4/1/15 does my course or conviction on the data I got caught speeding or when I attended the course.2.I have gone a speed awareness course in greater Manchester two years ago but may have been caught speeding by west Yorkshire Police last week.Your case will be reviewed by the police before they come to a decision on whether you will be offered another place or if the offer will be withdrawn. The course fees are usually between £80 and £100 (depending on which course provider you use) which you pay to the course provider direct – a similar price to paying the fine, although of course, avoiding penalty points can keep your insurance premiums down and save you money in the long run.The idea behind the course is the belief that if a person's attitude and behaviour can be changed, then this is more likely to prevent them from re-offending than simply paying a fine and receiving points on their licence.If your car has been adapted for a special need, then you will need to contact the centre in advance to make necessary arrangements.If you're a motorcyclist, you will be expected to take your own motorbike along.

Approximately two thirds of drivers regularly exceed the urban 30mph limit, a third of them travelling faster than 35mph.

If you think you've been caught speeding recently and want to see whether a Speed Awareness Course might be offered to you as an alternative to penalty points, try our interactive Speed Awareness Course checker: The National Speed Awareness Scheme is offered to a number of offending motorists after they have been Caught Speeding.

The decision over whether to offer the course to you, is at the discretion of each police force.

The course objectives will cover things like: If your course involves the practical element (which not all the courses offered do), then a training vehicle will be used.

It will be provided by the training centre, will be fully insured for course attendees' use and will be a standard, modern vehicle similar to those which most people will have already driven.

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