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Customers typically arrive alone and are able to gain entrance by smiling at the camera and waiting a moment.

New customers at any Korean massage parlor are usually asked if they have been there before.

For those who know the difference between the Chinese and Korean people and their languages this is very easy. Does the massage parlor or “spa” have a website with pictures of the girls who work there in modeling poses like this? Korean massage parlors exist in most major cities and to a much lesser extent in some small towns. In New York and other large cities customers typically pay 200 dollars all in. Guys who act like they don’t know whats going on he may be asked for a lot more.

For others there are a number of clues to look for. It’s pretty rare for a customer to be ripped off in a Korean massage parlor even if they are a complete newbie but it does happen.

Korean massage parlors in the Unites States are different than Chinese massage parlors which I reported on earlier in that they usually offer “full service” as a standard service.

A table shower, which involves the customer laying on a covered massage table while being soaped up and rinsed by a masseuse, is also standard.

They also tend to have video cameras above the door so they can see who is outside before they open their doors.

If they are regular visitors or the place has a more stable and well advertised location customers also have the option of just dropping in unannounced though they then run the risk of being turned away at the door.Educated guys who want to enter a Korean massage parlor for the first time usually say that they have been to other parlors before and have decided to try a new location.Or they simply say that a friend recommended the place.A lot of Korean massage parlors won’t answer phone calls from private numbers.In the US cheap prepaid phones are easy to get and guys with discretion issues usually come up with a fake name.

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Lying in these places often doesn’t work because unlike the massage girls the mamasans, often called , tend to stick around for a while and have good memories.

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