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When the ship was hit by the Russian torpedo at exactly 9 o'clock pm, just an hour after the departure, hardly anybody could escape from the lower decks.

Many passengers were thrown into the sea at the time the ship capsized, frozen in the icy water before they could be helped.

Hundreds of women and children were trampled to death on the stairs and corridors.​​​ In the fierce battle that took place around the few rescue boats, women and children were ruthlessly pushed overboard. Feldpostnummer - nach den jeweils gegebenen Bestimmungen.) (Unterschrift, Dienstgrad, Dienststellung.) Eingetroffen am ____, Den ____ (Neues Kommando) Sonderausweis ist bei Kommandierungen und Versetzungen an das abgegebene Kommando zurückzusenden. G-20460th Returns on is not (painted, if applicable night.) 1945 Done at 2.2.

The script is also visible on the other side as a mirror image.

There is one large hole and several small ones (whether caused by moths, age, or from the sinking is unknown.) All records from the auction, including the note stating the blanket's history, remains in our archive.

A few minutes later, the disappeared forever beneath the Baltic waves.

He was rescued from the water by the T-36 commanded by Capt.

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