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He is highly regarded in Armenia, where he is considered a "national treasure".

His father, Yeghia (Ilya), was born in the village of Upper Aza near Ordubad in Nakhichevan (present-day Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan) and moved to Tiflis at the age of 13; he owned a bookbinding shop by the age of 25.

In Tbilisi, which has historically been multicultural, Khachaturian was exposed to various cultures.

The city had a large Armenian population and was a major Armenian cultural center until the Russian Revolution and the following years.

They had 5 children, one daughter and four sons, of whom Aram was the youngest.

Khachaturian's parents were betrothed before knowing each other, when Kumash was 9 and Yeghia was 19.After 1950 he taught at the Gnessin Institute and the Moscow Conservatory, and turned to conducting.He traveled to Europe, Latin America and the United States with concerts of his own works.Whatever the changes and improvements that took place in my musical taste in later years, their original substance, formed in early childhood in close communion with the people, has always remained the natural soil nourishing all my work.In 1917, the Bolsheviks rose to power in Russia in the October Revolution.

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