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Her knowledge and insight into the human body and soul was astonishing, always placing a huge emphasis on the body being connected to the universe as a whole and the importance of positive thought.

As far as Hildegard saw, almost all sicknesses are caused by a malfunction of the human soul and a spiritual blackout of the inner personality.

Even though her musical works were prolific and profound, her genius extended to many other areas.

In addition to being a composer she was also a writer, a visionary and a mystic.

who conducted her religious duties throughout most of the 12th Century in the Rhine region, is one of the only existent examples, and is the earliest female composer with a respectable quantity of works still surviving.

It took over 800 years for Hildegard to attain canonisation: various attempts in the past never came to fruition, and for many years her full title was that of “Blessed Hildegard von Bingen”.

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However, on the 10th May 2012, in a process known as ‘equivalent canonisation’, Hildegard was finally, and deservedly, canonised by Pope Benedict XVI, attaining the sainthood which she had so justly earned.

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