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I feel the table legs are sturdy enough to hold the table but there is some side to side wobble I am not real happy about.I do not fear a collapse of the legs but the table has more side to side movement than I care for.Well it's just a bracket that the leg fits into, basically a hinge or a spacer between the top of the leg and the bottom of the table top.There is no load put on the hinge bracket, the load would be measured by strength of the leg of the table.In both cases, the original table holds up one end and provides the lateral support for the extension.

make sure you set the leg up on end to underside of top to make sure the leg supports the top, no just the bracket. I replaced mine with a much heavier attachment and a folding arm that attaches lower on the leg.

However, remember to slide the pin out before you try to fold the leg.

I didn't and because the metal is soft, I ruined one of the brackets.

I have an antique card table whose hinges need replacement.

Each leg folds down a separate side of the bottom inside of the table. Are these the folding brackets that will do the job? There is slight play in the extended position but not at all a problem for this application.

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I have these brackets on my quilting extension table that is connected to my sewing machine cabinet for my quilting machine. These legs fold flat against the extension table and are secure , meaning they do not drop down from folded position.

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