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A tiny nation getting together every five years – and today it’s really all of us, adding the million glued to TV screens and Internet to the hundred thousand at the Song Festival Grounds – on a plot of ground to sing itself into a big eternal entity.

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The New Testament was translated into southern Estonian in 1686 (northern Estonian, 1715).

The two languages were united based on northern Estonian by Anton thor Helle.

The book was a Lutheran manuscript, which never reached the reader and was destroyed immediately after publication.

The first extant Estonian book is a bilingual German-Estonian translation of the Lutheran catechism by S.

Estonian went back to being the only state language in Estonia which in practice meant that use of Estonian was promoted while the use of Russian was discouraged.

Estonian is distantly related to Hungarian and to the Sami languages.

Peterson, who was the first student at the then German-language University of Dorpat to acknowledge his Estonian origin, is commonly regarded as a herald of Estonian national literature and considered the founder of modern Estonian poetry.

His birthday, March 14, is celebrated in Estonia as Mother Tongue Day.

Writings in Estonian became more significant in the 19th century during the Estophile Enlightenment Period (1750–1840).

The birth of native Estonian literature was in 1810 to 1820 when the patriotic and philosophical poems by Kristjan Jaak Peterson were published.

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