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Affected areas would stretch as far east as the skyscrapers of downtown LA, and as far west and north as Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard and the multi-millionaire stars' homes of Beverly Hills — the glamour and glitter of Tinseltown gone in an instant.

Kim Jong-un declared the test had helped his country 'complete' its goal of becoming a nuclear power.

A target on America's West Coast, however, would be easily within range.

If the attackers are lucky, the West's battery of imaging satellites and radar scanners — based on land, sea and in space, and continually watching the 'Hermit Kingdom' — will only notice when the rocket fuel ignites and gives off a heat signature betraying its position.

The advice ranges from 'lie face down and place hands under the body to protect exposed skin', and 'remain flat until the heat and shockwaves have passed', to the bleak assurance that there would be 'no significant federal assistance' for between 24 and 72 hours following an attack.

Experts agree that it's become terrifyingly plausible following the rogue state's announcement — since corroborated by the U. — that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on September 3.

The apocalypse begins in darkness with the rumble of huge lorries emerging from remote hangars and mountain tunnels at secret locations across North Korea.

Time and stealth are of the essence if their deadly cargo of intercontinental ballistic missiles aren't to be spotted by circling U. satellites, which could prompt their destruction by cruise missiles fired from ships and submarines around the Korean Peninsula.

S., although a nuclear warhead (which the test missile was not carrying) would add considerable weight and limit how far it could travel.

The Pyongyang regime, which has often staged launches around midnight, knows that its enemies' best chance of destroying its long-range missiles is while they're still on the ground.

The task of launching a hydrogen bomb at America has fallen to Kim Jong-un's fleet of Chinese-made 'transporter erector launchers'.

Airborne missiles are a far harder target to bring down.

Unless America's largely untested missile defence system manages to destroy them all — unlikely, warn experts — at least one thermonuclear warhead would detonate just half an hour later in the skies over Los Angeles. According to a reliable nuclear blast simulation model, just a single H-bomb — like one tested by North Korea in September — detonating over central LA would kill 150,000 people and injure 370,000 more.

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Generating winds of hundreds of miles an hour, it would destroy not only all residential homes but even reinforced concrete skyscrapers.

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