Pagdating ng panahon piano chords Eisbrecher beim flirten der erste satz

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D A/C# I'm so blessed my Lord G/B I can see you Em A In all the lovely things D D7 So fine and true G Gm I see you in the beauty F#m Bm7 Of the flowers and the rain Em I see you between the lines E A Of a sweet refrain D A/C# I'm so blessed my Lord G/B I can see you Em A D Even when I'm lonely and in pain G Gm F#m Bm7 I see you in the beauty of the stars at night Em E7 I see you in my life A A7sus, A7 I feel alright D I see you Lord Em In sorrow and in happiness A A/C# I see you in the glory D Of sweet success Am I see you Lord D G C Every hour, everyday A I can see you Lord A7 DM7-D Whenever I pray (DO CHORDS PATTERN) I'm so blessed my Lord I can see you In the smile of a baby Sweet and true I can see you in the eyes Of my very best friends I see you in these bonds Just like your love that never ends I see you Lord In sorrow and in happiness I see you in the glory Of sweet success I see you Lord Every hour, everyday I can see you Lord Whenever I pray (repeat) *1 fret higher* I see you Lord In sorrow and in happiness I see you in the glory Of sweet success I see you Lord Every hour, everyday I can see you Lord Whenever I pray Cm Bb I pray...

Fm I can see you Lord Bb Eb M7-Ab M7-Eb M7-Ab M7 Whenever I pray...

Dm Bb We might have worked out someday F C/E But it takes two and you Gm F C/E couldn't even pretend Gm F C/E That you cared if this was the end (Repeat Chorus except last ine) Bridge: Gm Bb What's going on?

Guitar Setup : Capo on 5th Fret Intro: C Bm Em Am D Dsus G G7 C Bm Em D/F#m Noo’y umibig na ako subalit nasaktan ang puso Parang ayoko ng umibig pang muli G G7 C Bm Em D May takot na nadarama na muli ay maranasan ayoko ng masaktan muli ang puso ko C Bm Am Bm Ngunit nang ikaw ay makilala C Bm D Dsus biglang nagbago ang nadarama Chorus: C Bm Em Para sa’yo ako’y iibig pang muli C Bm Em Dahil sa’yo ako’y iibig nang muli Am Bm Em ang aking puso’y pag-ingatan mo Am Bm D dahil sa ito’y muling magmamahal sa’yo para lang sa’yo Muli ay aking nadama kung paano ang umibig masakit man ang nakaraa’y nalimot na ang tulad mo’y naiiba at sa’yo lamang nakita ang tunay na pag-ibig na’king hinahanap buti na lang ika’y nakilala binago mo ang nadarama (Repeat Chorus) Ako’y di na muling mag-iisa ikaw na nga ang hinihintay ng puso ko…

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[PRINT] Whats Going On by The Veronicas The Veronicas What's Going On Submitted by: [email protected]: F Tuning: Drop D Chords used: for Drop D Dm - 000xxx Bb - x133xx F - 333xxx C/E - 232xxx Gm - 555xxx A - x022xx F# - 444xxx Chords used: for Standard EADGBe Dm - xx0231 Bb - x13331 F - 133211 C/E - 032xxx Gm - 355333 A - x02220 F# - 244322 Intro: Dm--Bb-- x2 Piano: e|-------------20-| B|----18-17-18----| G|----------------| D|-0--------------| x2 A|-0--------------| D|-0--------------| Verse 1: Dm Bb It's 3 a.m.

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i will always love you, knock you down, canon rock and superhuman..

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