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Do not get the idea that this movie is strictly for people whose heritage traces to India.

Every young adult in America is having trouble finding a mate, Internet or no Internet.

Although it's a documentary, this is a truly funny movie with a lot of heart.

The parents want what they think is best for Ravi and Ravi wants to please his parents and fit in with the extended Patel family.

Now, he does it with Gawker’s role in the media in America.

Moreover, he’s able to show how the Gawker/Hogan case could have a chilling effect on media in a way I would imagine not everyone really considers.

(Fun fact I remembered while Googling Adelson: The was one of the few newspapers that endorsed Trump.) So even if the relationship between Gawker, Adelson, and the White House is tenuous, it's still important that folks understand these things, and is good at laying out why they matter. Do you ever consider what Peter Thiel thinks of your stories? I’ve never found much joy in canopy beds anyway, but now they make me highly uncomfortable.

I recently stayed in a hotel room in the Philippines that had one and I had to convince myself that the yellow netting was did feel jarring, especially since we’d been building the Gawker story up until that point—then, bam, we’re in a completely different narrative.

He was born and grew up in the US and he has different expectations. Ravi even flies cross country tracking down possible mates.Folks who work in the media can see the connection between this and the Gawker case—thanks to Thiel, both involve wealthy and powerful men trying to exert influence over journalism—but I wonder if others would think that section of the film feels out of place, especially if they came to see a documentary about the Hulk Hogan sex tape case.I did like how Knappenberger used that as a segue to talk about the Trump administration and the president's testy relationship with reporters. Also, have you ever thought of a canopy bed in the same way again after the Hogan sex tape?The case may seem like a media law footnote, but as director Brian Knappenberger argues in his documentary, the fight over Gawker's decision to publish the footage irrevocably shifted the media landscape.In , which premieres today on Netflix, Knappenberger draws parallels between Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel's financing of Hogan's lawsuit (which drove Gawker to bankruptcy) and ongoing efforts by plutocrats from Trump to casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to silence the free press. We asked Davey Alba, who covered the Gawker case for WIRED, and Angela Watercutter, who has written about Knappenberger’s previous work, to hash it out..

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