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Osius however is in ill-health and orders a young monk, Ozim, to carry out the angel's orders instead.Ozim sets out to follow his orders, but gets stopped by an evil angel on the way.The phoneme h and the gemination of m do not exist in Greek so it has disappeared from John's uses.Since the 7th century, Muhammad and his name have been connected to several stereotypes.John claimed that an Arian monk (whom he did not know was Bahira) influenced Muhammad and the writer viewed the Islamic doctrines as nothing more than a hodgepodge culled from the Bible.Among the first sources representing Muhammad is the polemical work "Concerning Heresy" (Perì hairéseōn) of John of Damascus, translated from Greek into Latin.These references played a principal role in introducing Muhammad and his religion to the West as the false prophet, Saracen prince or deity, the Biblical beast, a schismatic from Christianity and a satanic creature, and the Antichrist.

The second chapter of his book, The Fount of Wisdom, titled "Concerning Heresies", presents a series of discussions between Christians and Muslims.The story argues God was concerned about the spiritual fate of the Arabs and wanted to correct their deviation from the faith.He then sends an angel to the monk Osius who orders him to preach to the Arabs.In this manuscript, the Syrian priest represents Muhammad as a "false prophet," and an "Antichrist".Some demonstrate that Muhammad was pointed out in this manuscript as "Mamed", but this study was corrected by Ahlam Sbaihat who affirmed that it is the form ΜΩΑΜΕθ (Moameth) which is mentioned in this manuscript.

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Criticism has existed since the 7th century, when Muhammad was decried by his non-Muslim Arab contemporaries for preaching monotheism.

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