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But first it has to pull out of a skid caused by a serious security flaw in its processor chips.When a 4.4 earthquake on the Hayward fault jolted thousands from their sleep, scientists at UC Berkeley were not only looking at the oscillations on their seismographs, but they were listening to the rumble of the earth.For example, an inscription of Psalm 1, “Open to me the gates of righteousness,” has several discrepancies from the text redacted in the Greek translation of the Bible, the Septuagint.“They are local people,” said Aviam, “who probably couldn’t bring the best artists, and as a result one sees many mistakes.” For the most part, the names listed in the inscriptions are of local people, mostly of Greater Syrian origin, and some with a marked Phoenician influence.

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Working in tandem, the rare multidisciplinary partnership of scholars is drawing from their respective fields to paint a comprehensive picture of 4th-5th century Christian life in the region.

They have already “hit the jackpot” in their first season, with seven lengthy 1,600-year-old Greek inscriptions, said Aviam.

Associates of Nestorius such as Irenaeus saw their fates rise and fall alongside their friend.

Until the discovery of the mosaic this summer, it was unclear in which year Irenaeus was ordained as bishop of Tyre.

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