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And, Cam secretly uses Mitch as a scapegoat to get out of attending a party, while Haley tries to keep her photography exhibit a secret from her family.

Watch Now The high school open house puts the parents in a bit of a time warp when Claire finds herself stressed out by all the pressure, Gloria encounters a “mean girl” mom and Jay teaches Phil how to play a little hookie.

Watch Now Jay takes Manny out to cut down their own Christmas tree, and Gloria is on edge with mom in town, but changes her tune when she sees her bonding with Claire.Claire is nervous for a big client meeting but things get extra hairy when Mitch and Cam ask her to pick up Lily from school and conveniently leave out the fact that her class just had a lice scare.Elsewhere, Gloria chaperones Manny's school field trip to the museum.And with Claire on chaperone duty at the dance, Phil gets Haley to accompany him to his annual realtor’s banquet and is looking forward to impressing his little girl.Elsewhere, Mitch starts a new job and can’t seem to get a good read on the new boss or the work environment.

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  1. Lots of lively music and dancing and a half-decent storyline. The female lead was sweet but nothing special in the acting or dancing department. Without all the temporary defeats, the movie would have no plot. And it doesn't hurt that he has a phenomenal dancer's body, and shows it to it's fullest in the end dance scene. Lead actress was way, way, way over top and got a little irritating.

  2. Una alternativa para los más curiosos, que consiste en intentar poses sugeridas en el 'Kamasutra', pero en el agua. Para algunas parejas, el escenario acuático es una manera de salir de la rutina sexual y de probar experiencias interesantes.