Mandating community service high schools

The Monsey developer owns a host of other parcels on the same site." Read the complete story on Journal News here.

A Ramapo yeshiva that had accused several villages of anti-Hasidic bias never provided any evidence to support its accusations, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday in dismissing its civil rights throw out the lawsuit filed by Modos Chofetz Chaim. Supreme Court, as there are no novel constitutional issues at play," Saracino said Wednesday. Simply, the plaintiffs failed to come forward with any evidence of discrimination from the villages.

Robert Rhodes, chairman of Preserve Ramapo, which sued unsuccessfully to block the stadium, said St.

Lawrence was using the same tactics of going behind the backs of the taxpayers to push the latest plan through.

Indeed, the connections between the two school districts are more than coincidence most of the disabled children in Kiryas Joel were placed there by East Ramapo, instead of serving them in the home district." (More) Rockland County has taken the first step toward foreclosing on dozens of properties among them Patrick Farm, which officials called the largest tax-delinquent non-residential parcel in the county, owing more than 0,000 in back taxes.

The pastoral 208-acre parcel just outside Pomona is the flashiest target in an offensive to recover about .3 million in back taxes owned on 125 properties across Rockland's five towns.

Last week brought another FBI raid in town, with another round of accusations that federal monies had been misappropriated by those affiliated with the Orthodox Jewish community.

Ongoing tension over zoning regulations, or lack thereof, builds.

The majority of those donors never previously donated to a candidate.Her campaign, Falciglia noted, also received ,000 from Joseph and Esther Markowitz and companies linked to their Monsey address.The Markowitzes' names were on checks an undercover FBI agent used in a 2012 sting operation to make illegal campaign contributions to then-New York City Councilman Dan Halloran's congressional campaign." Read the complete Journal News story here.The latest decision will likely end the yeshiva's long legal fight against Pomona, Chestnut Ridge, Wesley Hills and Montebello and their officials, according to attorney Greg Saracino, representing Pomona. The case was entirely based on innuendo and opinion." Read the Journal story here.March 23, 2016 "For over a dozen years, or more than the entire education of an individual child, the political decision-makers of the State of New York have failed to find a solution to East Ramapo school districts difficult problems.

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