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In fact, James only occasionally dips into concrete imagery you could associate with America’s political climate, with other songs only making oblique references.

Sure, it’s clear where “Same Old Lie” is coming from, with lines like “If you don’t vote it’s on you not me” and “Is there any peace to be found in a lifetime?

After all the twists and ruptures across the album, we get the floating hymn of “Eternally Even”—a song with James in near-reverie, letting his voice glide over an instrumental that sounds like clouds parting.

That’s where the James we always knew comes through: offering his trademark transcendence, that voice cutting through the haze and murk of the album, of this year.

The idea of a Jim James solo career was slightly perplexing at first.

My Morning Jacket is a band in a true, old-school sense—now with a fixed lineup, any character in which would be hard to replace—but Jim James is the sole songwriter, and it has always been his vision driving them. Yet as 2013’s confirms, there are other ways to wield his hardly-of-this-earth voice, other ways to meld genres within his idiosyncratic hybrid of American music—music that wouldn't quite fit in the MMJ framework, but which needs to exist nonetheless.

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