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In the season 7 finale Arizona and Callie drive to a house to take a weekend off. Callie looks forward not knowing what to say, when she gets a scared look on her face and gasps, Arizona right away looks forward and the screen goes blank. Arizona wakes up to see Callie lying outside the car, gone through the front window.

When they get to hospital, Callies baby has to be premature born to save them both.

It just happens to be in a hospital.” One person who won’t be romancing when “Grey’s” returns?

Meredith, who will not rush into another relationship, after Mc Dreamy’s death.

On the day that Bailey gets married, Arizona finaly forgives Callie.

Everything is going good for Callie and Arizona until the season 9 finale.

When she finds out that "the guy in the elevator" is George O'Malley, she starts flirting with him. In season three, Callie and George announced that they were married.

Later on they divorced because George cheated on Callie with Izzie Stevens. Callie and Mark never were anything serious, they were friends with benefits.

In season 9 episode 1 Mark dies and Arizona has lost her left leg.

In the season 4 finale Callie, Erica Hahn and Mark are in an elevator together.

Callie says Mark has been thinking about threesome all day, Erica says he wouldn't be able to handle them both.

Arizona thinks that Callie was the one that cut it off, betraying her trust.

Callie takes the blame, even though it was Alex that did it.

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I’m not going to say we’re definitely not doing it, because I could be wrong, but that’s not my plan right now.

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