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Ques: I have already submitted the online response for verification of cash deposits during demonetization.

Ques: What would be the course of action if it is confirmed that cash deposited was received from un-identifiable person?

Ans: As per the guidelines issued by the CBDT, the following course of action shall be taken by the AO: 1) For persons not having business income In case of an individual (other than minors) not having any business income, no further verification is required to be made if total cash deposit is up to 2.5 lakh.

In case of taxpayers above 70 years of age, the limit is Rs. Amounts above this cut-off may require verification to ascertain whether the same is explained or not.

What would be the course of action in this case to verify such claim?

Ans: If a person has confirmed that the cash deposited was received from an identifiable person with PAN then the following action may be taken: Ques: What happens if the cash is received from identifiable persons (without PAN)?

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Ques: What will happen to those who have still not submitted the online response for verification of cash deposits?

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