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His eyes damn near popped out of his head when I first arrived in my uniform.

A bit about these uniforms, there has never been anything more uncomfortable ever created.

I worked the late shift, coming in around six and staying till five the next morning.

Mike was supposed to be around the whole time, but he was out drinking and picking up trailer park trash almost every night.

Theoretically, I was never to be in the park alone after dark, but there is a huge amount of difference between what is supposed to be and what is.

The park manager is supposed to be there all the time, hell they give him a free house to live in so he is always on call.

My name is Lisa, I'm a Park Ranger and I should know because I have met them all it seems.

Let me tell you I work in a voyeur's paradise with a cast of characters Will Shakespeare couldn't have dreamed up.

The shirt is a hideous shade of light green with narrow shoulders that have little green epaulettes on them, a tapered waist and two button breast pockets.I found out rather quickly that it was a miracle if he was ever around. When he wasn't berating the patrons for being assholes he was hitting on me. He's about five foot nothing and two hundred pounds.He's balding, with more chains around his neck than Mr. If I grabbed my crotch half as often as he did, they would lock me away for being a nympho.Needless to say Mike never looked at my face that first day, he spent the whole first hour talking to my tits.When I turned down his invitation to come down to his place for a drink he nearly had a conniption, but he couldn't threaten to fire me, I was actually hired on at another park and just "on loan" to him for the summer.

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