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(6 comments) Allah loves Gentleness (1 comments) Signs of Day of Judgment in one authentic hadeeth.Many other dating sites charge for their services and we think that a true love should be 100% free.Now, researchers are exposing further finds in Israel that constitute evidence of Jewish influences in the early days of Islam.“The Jewish symbol which the Muslims were using was the menorah [the gold seven-branch candelabra from the Temple], which appeared on several coins and other early Islamic artifacts,” said Avraham on Wednesday.“The menorah coins bear the Shahada Arabic inscription on one side: ‘There is no god but Allah,’ while the menorah appears in the center of the coin.The other side bears the inscription: ‘Muhammad [is the] messenger of God.’”In addition to the coins, the archeologists are presenting several pottery and lead vessels from the early Islamic period that also utilized the menorah symbol in their design.“They are dated to the early days of the Islamic caliphate, and were in use by Muslims,” said Avraham, noting that the finds are of great importance for understanding the history of Islam.“We wish that many Muslims will be exposed to this knowledge, which is part of their own religious and cultural heritage,” he continued."To me it means opening myself up to others, to tell them that we as Muslims open our doors to you.That we are here with you," a Muslim woman participating in the open day event told Euro News on Sunday, November 8.

Unlike many other free Muslim dating sites which do not follow traditional Islamic values, Helahel has been designed to allow you to search for your ideal life partner in a safe environment while following Islamic principles.Opinion polls suggest the proposed ban will be rejected by voters.Switzerland is home to some 400,000 Muslims and Islam is the second religion in the country after Christianity.Sign up now to browse our single muslim matrimonial profiles and find your perfect muslim husband or wife completely free.You can be assured that you will always be as safe and secure as possible when using Helahel.

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