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I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, Hawaii is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit on a budget.Whether you’re backpacking Hawaii, trying to achieve a dream honeymoon without taking out your first mortgage or you’re a family on a budget, you may be surprised to know that you can sleep for as little as a night in Hawaii.If you’re after a private room, then you should almost certainly book before you arrive – private rooms at hostel prices go quick, quick, quick.I’ve written previously about the pros and cons of booking rooms in advance.For me that was a good thing – I prefer being able to explore local life.But if you’re looking for a beach-based holiday, double-check the location of your chosen accommodation.Courtesy of my screw-up and not booking ahead, I managed to sleep in almost every hostel in Waikiki. What I liked: Overall: If you’re in the mood for a party, this is the place to be. What I liked: Overall: If you’re in Waikiki on a short stop with a mission to see as much as possible, this is an excellent base. Overall: The word bland comes to mind although I can’t say that in a negative way because everything was…nice. That means the sleeping space is private but the bathroom is shared.

So, I’m not here to convince you to start sleeping in dorms. I’ve bunked down in the stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap doss-houses in Southeast Asia that give hostels a bad name but their Hawaiian counterparts (or, at least most of them) defy the stereotype.To be honest, they are not always the best place for couples and families. Which is where I have some good news – many of the hostels in Hawaii have private rooms that offer the privacy of a hotel at a fraction of the cost. Clean, homely, with friendly staff, breakfast often included, great facilities and sometimes better locations than many of the hotels in the area, the hostels in Hawaii are an amazing breed of budget accommodation that is amongst some of the best I’ve stayed in around the world.Which is probably why I met people from all walks of life in the common rooms of Hawaii’s hostels – professionals on vacations, families, honeymooners, couples, career breakers and even people like me who were backpacking Hawaii (and quite happy to take advantage of the cheapest sleeping options available – the dorms).After knocking on enough doors, and dismissing the temptation to stay at Trump Towers (for hundreds of dollars a night), I managed to score a place to lay my head…over a succession of different properties.Cue: logistical pain in the backside as I spent my last week in Hawaii bouncing from one hostel to another. Look for freebies: costs can add up quickly in Hawaii from food to transport to tours.

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A quick note on prices: They are correct at the time of this post, but obviously things change.

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