Dating at forty

A trimmed tuft of bright red cunt hair matched the hair on her head, accenting the slightly darker crevice that disappeared between her legs.Alicia gasped, looking down with lust at another woman's naked body for the first time in her life.Marcy murmured into Alicia's ear followed by a suggestive puff of her breath.As she pulled her head back, Alicia caught a glimpse of the tip of Marcy's moist tongue between her slightly parted lips with the beginning of a devilish smile.The shuffled in unison toward the bed, their lips and tongues in constant contact, their hands roaming wildly over each others quivering bodies.When Marcy fell backward on the bed, her legs splayed open, Alicia stopped suddenly and got a first really good look at the younger woman's body.Her two coworkers were half way through their first drink when she spotted them in the bar, another woman Alicia didn't know sitting with them.

Marcy's eyes seemed to twinkle with lust right before Alicia felt her hand softly...tentatively...brush over the inside of her thigh just above her knee.Her short taut lithe body, sporting no more than b-cup breasts, was topped with bright red hair.Her heavily freckled skin was so pale, Alicia thought the young woman needed a good sunscreen to even get near a hundred watt light bulb.She could feel her nipples stiffening and her pussy twitch.Alicia muttered in response, placing her hand firmly on Marcy's upper thigh. She placed her other hand on top of Alicia's and gently pushed it up the inside of her thigh until Alicia's little finger brushed against the silky and incredibly damp material of Marcy's panties.

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