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However back in March, the Shakespeare In Love actress made a rare declaration of love for the producer back in March.She shared a selfie on to Instagram to wish him a happy birthday which marked the first and only time that she's posted about the American Horror Story producer.Dedicated to her mission in scanning for any signs of self-sustaining plant life on earth, EVE was not interested in WALL-E and was even hostile towards him at first, but befriended him when they formally introduced each other and when he took her to safety.After WALL-E saves EVE from a dust storm, he takes her to his trailer and shows her all the treasures that he has collected over the years, including the plant that he found.

The Iron Man star's longest and most high-profile relationship was with Coldplay singer Chris Martin as they began dating in 2002.

She was snapped wearing a ring on her engagement finger while filming her role as Pepper Potts in Avengers: Infinity War, leading to speculation Brad had popped the question.

However, the talented actress cleared up the speculation by revealing on Instagram it was her character, Pepper, who was engaged to Tony Stark, rather than Gwyneth herself.

'But I'm at my potentially most vulnerable and f***ed up in the romantic slice of the pie.

It's taken me a lot of work to get to the place where I have a good romantic relationship.'She added: 'Success to me is relationships that function really well.

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  1. Mr Elvidge added that targets were selected because of their vulnerability, with the groomers believing their circumstances and other factors like drug dependence made them less likely to go to police.