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He states that he understands birthdays, sporting events, school functions, etc., but that for some reason these “extra curricular” times between my children, their father, and me threaten him and make him feel as if there’s a “third party” (my ex) to his and my relationship…I’ve simply been pleased that, from time to time, my ex husband and I are able to set aside our differences and be there together for our children, even if it is just for ice cream.Don’t underestimate the power of the message that sends your children.You are telling them — and more importantly them — what a healthy breakup and a healthy co-parenting partnership looks like. But his being threatened by your ex and what he sees as you “acting like a family” with him in ways he deems “extracurricular” could be indicative of someone who is simply not cut out for dating someone with kids.He will exist, at least as a minor character, in your life together, and, if your boyfriend can’t wrap his head around that and can’t appreciate how maintaining a friendly relationship with your ex — including joining him and the kids or inviting him to join you guys for ice cream after a game — positively affects your children’s well-being (and is the ONLY reason you continue such a relationship with your ex), then you should know that now, before you become more invested in your relationship.Even if your boyfriend isn’t ready to be to involved in your kids’ lives, he should be able to support your dedication to them and, by extension, your commitment to modeling healthy co-parenting for them.My children’s father and I have had an up and down co-parenting relationship since the divorce.

I have recently been making much more of an effort to support and encourage a relationship between my children and their father.

He obliged, and we met at a local shop, at which he’d already purchased ice cream for both children and me.

The outing went off without a hitch, and I was very pleased that my ex and I were able to remain civil and kind, to engage in conversation together with the kids, and to just plain co-parent together.

The point I’m getting at is that my boyfriend seems to feel threatened by these interactions.

He informed me today (in a calm manner) that he felt as if I was being a “family” with my ex husband and children, versus just my children.

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