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This character is generally messy, disorganized, reckless, careless, and defiant.Conversely, a child may opt to retain feces, thereby spiting his parents while enjoying the pleasurable pressure of the built-up feces on his intestine.In particular, they develop what Freud called penis envy, or the idea that every woman wants to have a male penis (why did I say male, is there a female penis? During these complexes the children often have hateful feelings toward the same sex parent and the stage ends with a "if I can’t beat them, I’ll join them attitude toward that same sex parent. This is the stage when the libido is hidden in the unconscious (this will be a big topic later) and sexuality is repressed (hidden).Now I believe that penis envy has merit, not because I love my penis and think that of course every person would want to have it, but rather, the penis may represent what men have in society and women do not; power. Latency Stage: About 7-11 year olds develop the need to just hang around peers of their own gender. But the libido makes a grand entrance in the next stage. Genital Stage: From about 12 until death, this is the stage you are probably all in now (if not, don’t worry, your time will come).However to Freud, sex was a concept that explained how we get our pleasure from the world.For most of you, although your parents would hate to think about it, your sexual pleasure comes from your genitals. Freud believed that we all have a libido, or instinctual sexual energy.

In other words, the boy says "look I have an extra finger, Sally where is yours, you freak!!! The libido is focused on exploring the penis and vagina (playing doctor- I have fond but disturbing memories of a plastic fisher price med kit) but not in the way you now think about playing with your genitals (you pervert).

But we never discussed how people get phobias, or more importantly, how do we cure them?

Each perspective/school of psychology looks at our development and abnormalities differently.

Oh I don’t trust you to remember; here is the except from the developmental psychology chapter: Sigmund Freud Freud (his friends called him Siggy) is probably the most recognizable psychologist of all time.

He is the father of the psychoanalytic school of psychology and we WILL discuss him in MUCH more detail when we discuss the psychoanalytic school.

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Freud believe that if you become fixated in the oral stage than you may overeat, smoke, or just have a childhood dependence on things. Anal Stage: About 2-4 years old, the child becomes focused on controlling bowel movements (crapping).

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