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"All rules laid down at Eridu were faithfully observed".Enki was the keeper of the divine powers called Me, the gifts of civilization.has hypothesized that the original deity of the temple was Abzu, with his attributes later being taken by Enki over time. Steinkeller believes that, during the earliest period, Enki had a subordinate position to a goddess (possibly Ninhursag), taking the role of divine consort or high priest, later taking priority.The Enki temple had at its entrance a pool of fresh water, and excavation has found numerous carp bones, suggesting collective feasts.The planet Mercury, associated with Babylonian Nabu (the son of Marduk) was in Sumerian times, identified with Enki.A large number of myths about Enki have been collected from many sites, stretching from Southern Iraq to the Levantine coast.The Sumerian En is translated as a title equivalent to "lord" and was originally a title given to the High Priest.

In Sumerian E-A means "the house of water", and it has been suggested that this was originally the name for the shrine to the god at Eridu.An eagle descends from above to land upon his outstretched right arm.This portrayal reflects Enki's role as the god of water, life, and replenishment.The main temple to Enki was called E-abzu, meaning "abzu temple" (also E-en-gur-a, meaning "house of the subterranean waters"), a ziggurat temple surrounded by Euphratean marshlands near the ancient Persian Gulf coastline at Eridu.It was the first temple known to have been built in Southern Iraq.

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