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La direttrice di gara, infatti, non è scesa in campo con la classica divisa ufficiale bensì con una mise molto più femminile, canotta attillata e un paio di shorts.Il tutto ritenuto, soprattutto dagli attoniti spettatori, un po’ troppo sexy.But judging from chef Ford Fry's exuberant cooking, it might also be a reference to his outlook on the world.

La 27enne, tra l’altro, quel giorno si stava allenando al “Muzi” per i fatti propri e, con sé, non aveva una divisa da arbitro.

Sweeping trends in the restaurant world have come and gone, but this year has been unlike any other: In place of one trend, there are a whole bunch — and not just trends but also new ideas and personalities and ingredients and entirely novel kinds of cuisine bouncing around every city we visited. The Optimist, Atlanta A soaring, convivial spot, the Optimist has a hopping oyster bar shaped like a surfboard, a first-rate cocktail program, and seafood cooked with old-school expertise over a wood fire.

We've organized our list accordingly, showing how each restaurant fits into a larger phenomenon in the world of eating out. The term refers to a type of sailing dinghy used for teaching kids, and is an old moniker for a fisherman awaiting his next big catch.

But in case you haven't heard, the borough's aggressive boast as the coolest high-rent city in America is partially fueled by a slew of neighborhood restaurants where you can take a date after dark. Dishes like Pea Shoots and Leaves, made with snap peas, radishes, curds, and whey, and a lustrous soybean-and-pistachio soup with rhubarb and butter reveal a chef who knows when to stop. You are then served a four-course dinner you won't soon forget for the remarkable price of forty-nine dollars, which could easily buy you less food at a mediocre restaurant in New York or Dallas or Miami. "Here we decided on the price first, then figured out what we could offer without sacrificing creativity or quality." That last phrase — "without sacrificing creativity or quality" — is the important part, and it's why you need a chef of Sbraga's ability if you want to pull off the reverse equation he is solving so thrillingly.

Hilbert's vegetable items are every bit as intensely flavorful as a bloody rare Culina at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, where he was a celebrated star chef, made this list. State Bird Provisions, San Francisco First, the name: As owners Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, his wife and the pastry chef, tell it, their place is proudly named after California's state bird, the mighty...quail.

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Gabriel Stulman, Perla, New York Gabriel Stulman is drinking a sazerac that contains bitters made from Twizzlers. "When you walk in," he says, "I have an opportunity to make an impression. " One way to do so would be to hit all four of Stulman's current spots. The No Mad, New York The No Mad is a restaurant of its time: a multistarred chef (in this case Daniel Humm) serving food that's less exacting and more comforting than what he's known for (in this case Eleven Madison Park, where the menu is sixteen courses and $195) in a room that feels like a country home.

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