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‘Endocrine disruptors have been shown to have widespread effects and there are links with diseases including cancer but not enough investigation has been done,’ says Dr Martindale.

‘D4 is associated with the development of the brain and the nervous system.

Jess's breast was continuing to cause her pain and in January this year she paid to see a plastic surgeon who said her left implant looked like it had ruptured.

Now she is plagued with worry that the leaking implant could be connected to her son's ill health.

I feel terrible guilt, and anger that something I did aged 18 to make me feel better could have harmed my child.

I have a seven-year-old, a five-year-old and a 20-month-old who are all perfectly healthy.

Not for a moment did she consider the answer could lie in an act of vanity, carried out long before she had children.

Twelve years ago, Lucy, 40, from Watford, Hertfordshire, paid £3,500 for a breast enlargement operation, taking her from a B cup to a D.

Jess, 26, had her implants fitted in the summer of 2005 when she was 18. But they told her that as it was now more than six years since she’d had the operation they were unable to help.He said I should come back once I’d finished breastfeeding Luna, to have them removed and replaced, but I fell pregnant with my third child, Enza, before I could.’Five weeks after Enza was born in 2008, Luna became tired and lethargic.At first, Lucy and Mario thought it was simply a virus, but then they noticed their little girl was sleeping with her head cocked back in a very unnatural way.Lucy, whose husband Mario runs a double glazing company, was initially happy with the results of her operation.She had been a flat-chested teenager and very slim, and her new figure gave her more confidence.‘But soon after Luna was born, I’d noticed one of my breasts looked lumpy,’ she says.

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Compounding the family’s grief is the suspicion - now being voiced with increasing urgency among medical professionals - that Lucy’s implants may have contributed to Luna’s illness.

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